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Dr. Halidu Abraham is the Presiding Pastor of the Revival House Churches with headquarters in Lokoja Nigeria. He is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and the Medical Director of Helping Hands Women Hospital, Lokoja.
He is a man on fire for Christ with a mandate to raise a generation for Christ through thorough discipleship. His preaching and teach[ing is characterized by powerful prophetic and teaching grace that is rooted in God’s word. God has backed His word with undeniable and outstanding signs and wonders.
Dr. Halidu Abraham hosts Spread the Gospel Fire broadcast on Television and Radio stations in Nigeria. He believes the gospel fire must be spread via all possible means in order to take more territories from the hands of the devil. He hosts a monthly program for men called "The Real Man Summit".
He is married to Pastor Alice Halidu and they are blessed with four children. 


Revival House Church
Lokongoma Phase II,
Lokoja, Nigeria.
Email: info@revivalhouse.com.ng
Phone: +234-803-3762-096


Sunday | Worship Service
Time: 8:00am | 9:45am
Wednesday | Hour of Prayer
Time: 4:30pm
Thursday | School of Wisdom
Time: 5:00pm